Why Land Casinos Still Matter In the World of Online Casinos

The online casino industry has witnessed spectacular growth in the last few decades. Thanks to the latest advancements in smartphone and internet technologies, and online casinos offering no deposit casino bonus codes, there is a rapidly expanding online market for casino gambling services across the world.

Has this new trend started to eat into the player base of existing land-based casinos across the world? If you take a look at the stance taken by Sheldon Adelson, one of the most powerful casino moguls in Las Vegas, the answer would seem to be yes.

But appearances can be deceptive. Adelson has been one of the most vocal opponents of online casinos since at least 2011. Though very powerful and influential, he cuts a rather lonely figure in this one-man crusade against online gambling.

Other big land-based casino operators seem to be eager to expand their brands into the world of online gambling. The only thing stopping them from jumping en-masse into this lucrative field is the hostile laws in the US towards online gambling.

So why don’t these land-based casinos fear and loathe their online counterparts? There are many reasons for this.

Older generation players still prefer land-based casinos

The generation gap is a major issue for casinos as a whole, be it online or offline. For land-based casinos, the majority of their customers tend to be from the older generations.

Recent industry trends suggest that younger people are gambling way less than previous generations. Millennials are the worst if you happen to be a casino owner!

And who are the people most likely to use smartphones and PCs for their every need – why Millennials of course!

Now when we put two and two together, we get a logical conclusion – many existing gambling enthusiasts still prefer land-based casinos.

This trend is valid for places where we have access to both online and offline casinos, like the UK. And recent surveys from 2016 do support this hypothesis.

According to the UK Gambling Commission, at least 48% of the population dabbles in gambling in all its forms. But despite the presence of nearly 200 legal online casinos, only 12% of all gamblers use these casinos.

Online Casinos are not competing directly with land-based casinos

Digital technologies have impacted all walks of modern life but in different ways. In the case of traditional taxis, they have been decimated by the rise of online brands like Uber and Lyft.

Restaurants have fared better, adapting to changing consumer preferences by providing more takeout options. Having the freedom to eat restaurant food from the comfort of your home is amazing.

But the experience of eating out is different and cannot be compared. The same is also true to a higher extent when it comes to playing casino games. Playing on a screen cannot be compared to physically going to a swanky casino and playing among other human beings.

Online gambling is more about comfort and convenience. Land-based casinos are about the whole experience and luxury. Both are mutually exclusive and can co-exist in the same space. This is why many casino operators are looking to launch their own online variants.

Land-based casinos are holiday destinations

Land-based casinos are holiday destinations

This is especially true in the case of larger casinos in popular destinations like Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Macau. These casinos have all developed into all-in-one entertainment destinations, offering a complete holiday package.

Millions of tourists stream to these locations each year, with many of them being more casual gamblers. These casinos offer ordinary folk a great way to relax and unwind. Their profit rates may not be comparable to online casinos, but they still manage to rake in the cash with ease.

The thrill of playing in a land-based casino is unique

The difference is comparable to watching a football match from the comfort of your living room, or in the frenzy of an actual arena. Only, in the case of gambling, you are not a spectator, but an actual competitor.

So in some ways, comparing the online play to the real world experience is like comparing a match in Madden NFL video game series to an actual football match on the gridiron! The tension, the thrill, the agony, and ecstasy of playing with other humans in games of chance is something else.

You have to experience it first hand to understand. Many online casinos offer live dealer games in a bid to replicate this experience. While those games from Netent and Vivo Gaming are great in their own right, they still cannot compare to the real deal.

The thrill of playing in a land-based casino is unique

You are never lonely in a land-based casino

This is an extension of the earlier points. Online casino gaming is a strictly solo activity. Using online poker rooms and competing against other faceless opponents in leaderboard matches do not change this fundamental fact.

Going to a land-based casino with your close friends has become a time-honored tradition for many in countries where these casinos exist. Even if you do go to these casinos alone, they always have lots of opportunities to socialize.

The perks are better, way better in land-based casinos

Online casino bonuses are exciting in their own right, but they come with a lot of strings attached. Wagering requirements are often extremely high and can restrict your chance of enjoying the bonus to the fullest.

Free spins may sound awesome when you are sitting in your couch, but how about free drinks from a pretty waitress when you are seated at the poker table in a real casino? At big Las Vegas casinos, you can get pretty much everything as a complimentary perk – rooms, meals, free drinks, tickets to shows, you name it they have it.

Of course, none of these are free, and you do have to wager a lot to get the best perks. But the great thing is that once you are in their comp system, these casinos will keep offering you more to get you back on their premises!

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Land-based casinos can never be truly replaced by their online counterparts. They both serve different needs of players. While online casinos are perfect for a daily fix, land-based casinos are great as a special annual vacation or weekend getaway.

Yes, online casinos are gaining more attention due to their more lucrative revenue potential. But two can play the same game. Offline casino operators will just have to adapt to the changing times and add more online services to their portfolios in the future.

Published on: 2019/06/03