Video Game-Themed Slots

Slots have always made up the biggest number of games in the portfolio of every online casino because they are fast and easy to play. They have been hugely popular because they are luck-based and don’t require players to pick up special skillsets to play them. The slots that you get at online casinos are themed on a spectacularly wide range of subjects, and one theme that is getting quite popular is video games: there are quite a few video game-themed no deposit slot games in the online casino industry today including slots with casino free spins.

Why Video Game-Themed Slots Exist

There are a number of reasons for video games making their way into the online slots arena. We list the top reasons for this here:

  • Some of the biggest video games make their way into the slots industry because of the enormous level of popularity that these games enjoy among players across the world. It is a great strategy to attract new players to online casinos, as these are games that players may have already played earlier in the video game format.
  • Slots themed on video games give you the opportunity to enter the world of the video game’s characters and play alongside them. This is a big step ahead from just reading a comic book or racking up points through video game play.
  • Not only do you get to play along with the character in the video game-themed slot, you also get to score wins that you can cash out once you have fulfilled the terms and conditions associated. There can be nothing better than playing your favorite video game-themed online slot and winning money with it. And if it is a game that comes with a progressive jackpot, the prospects go even higher.
  • Video-game themed slots make it easier for younger generation players to sign up with the casino and play their favorite games and hopefully pick up some cool wins. Video games are very popular among younger players, and the same is true about video game-driven slots too.
  • Younger generation players get a huge incentive when video game-themed slots show up in an online casino’s game portfolio. The ability to play these games from their computers or mobile devices is a big factor in these slots being highly favored at online casinos.
  • The transformation from video game to video game-themed slot benefits the provider as well; online casinos are in the digital space, and that is a space that is completely connected and networked. This automatically means a chance to connect to a huge audience. With online casinos now making their presence felt on social media platforms, the benefit of new player acquisition is of astronomical proportions.

Today, you find a number of high quality online slots that are themed on video games. These games are around because they are among the most popular among video game fans across the world. However, these are not the only ones; there are quite a few others that can make their way into the online slot industry. Some of these include the likes of games like Witcher, Gears of War and a number of others.

We discuss 3 of the most well-known games in the industry in a section below. Before we get to that section, we take a brief look at the presence of video game-themed slots at land-based casinos.

Video Game-Themed Slots at Land-Based Casinos

Video game-themed slots are not exclusive to online casinos; you get quite a few of them at land-based casinos as well. This has been especially true after Nevada and New Jersey passed legislation in February 2016 that allowed skill-based games to be brought into land-based casinos.

The reason for this is not too hard to fathom: it is very likely, given the speed at which technology is upgrading itself, for skill-based video games to share floor space with the standard gaming machines available. There are a whole bunch of these games around, and we list the top 5 for you here briefly.

The introduction of video game-themed slots at land-based casinos has definitely done one thing: increased the percentile of younger players above the legal gambling age there. The proof is in the numbers: studies earlier had placed the average age of slot machine players at land-based casinos to be above 50. Today, that number is slowly going down.

Top 3 Video Game-Themed Online Slots

The following are some of the most popular video game-themed online slots today:

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider has been a spectacular video game for quite a while now. After it was adapted to a Hollywood movie, the next step was to incorporate it into the online casino industry as an online slot. And this was done by none other than Microgaming.

The symbols in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider are straight out of the video game and the movie of the same name. This is a 5-reel slot with amazing features that give you a shot at some cool wins in the base game itself.

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Hitman is another epic video game that has been in the circuit long enough to have attained cult status and an equally sizeable following. The game was initially a video game for PC, and is today a spectacular Microgaming slot that draws all its iconography from the game itself.

Hitman has a good number of bonus features, including free spins and multiple win bonuses. Now you can play this game at leisure from the desktop at your home or from your smartphone or mobile device. The bonus feature in the game is the free spins feature. The game comes with 5 reels and 15 possible payouts.

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One of the most sought-after video games of all time is Bejeweled, and its popularity now sees the game ensconced in a number of online casinos as well. The online slot comes with 5 reels and 10 paylines, with the symbols arranged in 5 rows and 5 columns.

The symbols live up to the name: all of them are from the game itself and help you line up cool wins when they land on the correct reels. There are some exciting symbols and bonus rounds that can give you some sizeable wins. The way the game is designed ensures you get a shot at landing multiple winnings on a single slot.

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