7 Things You Must Avoid When Playing at a No Deposit Casino

Before getting reeled in by that no deposit bonus, you want to equip yourself with the right information about the casino first: check its T&Cs, its reputation and the fairness of its games. It’s your right to play with a transparent, safe and licensed casino.

But you also have certain duties, such as refraining from creating multiple accounts or identities, and making sure you play responsibly.

Check out these 7 things to avoid when playing at a no deposit casino:

#1. Gambling More Than You Afford To Lose

No deposit casinos are too enticing not to try your luck at. But beware if you’re the type to get in over your head and start chasing losses. Gambling safely is key.

What can help me to stop myself from overplaying my hand?

Responsible gaming tools are available to prevent players from gambling beyond their means. Choose casinos that offer tools such as loss limits, bet limits, deposit limits, play limits and self-exclusion features.

#2. Creating Multiple Accounts

This might be tempting to do, especially when a particular bonus is so fantastic and its T&Cs are also reasonable. But – you guessed it – you can’t do this.

Why shouldn’t I create more accounts when I can benefit from a great bonus more than once?

Well, in reality it’s against the rules to benefit more than once from the same bonus. And if rules aren’t enough to convince you, it might be worth knowing that your IP address will work against you if you try to tamper with this rule. You aren’t the first one to think of ways of getting around casinos’ rules, and measures are in place to help the casino identify and ban bonus abusers.

#3. Registering With False Credentials

If for one reason or another you get tempted to register with false credentials, remember that online casinos have KYC (Know Your Customer) policies in place. Your fake identity can trigger a series of questions from the casino, and once you won’t be able prove an authentic identity, you would end up being labelled as a bonus abuser.

What if I don’t want to reveal my personal details over the internet?

If you sign up with a trusted and reputable casino (see next point) you can put your mind at rest that your personal data is safe through SSL encryption that gives them the same level of security as banks.

#4. Not Checking A Casino’s Reputation

It’s very natural to choose the casino with the most attractive bonus, or opt for the first casino that comes up in your search engine. But casinos with attractive bonuses and high SERP rankings do not necessarily mean that they are reputable.

What should I do instead?

Verify that a casino has a license

This should be issued by a trusted gambling jurisdiction such as Gibraltar Gambling Authority, Malta Gambling Authority, the UK Gambling Commission, among others.

Knowing that the casino has a license will put your mind at rest that it is operating legally, offers fair games, and that your data is fully secure.

To confirm whether a casino is licensed, you should check the bottom of a casino homepage and look for the logo of a trusted gambling jurisdiction, such as the ones abovementioned.

Get as much information as you can about the casino

Check out reviews from seasoned online casino players as well as advice from casino guides. Going through the casino’s social media is a further source of information through which you can learn about how the casino interacts with potential and current customers.

#5. Playing Unfair Games

Wagering your hard-earned money always comes at a risk. However, while having a house edge is acceptable, this doesn’t give casinos the authority to modify games unfairly.

How can I make sure that games are fair?

Ensuring that the casino uses Random Number Generators (RNGs) allows you to confirm that a casino’s games are generated randomly and that everyone has an equal chance to win.

You can make sure that a casino uses fair and authentic RNGs by looking for suitable badges the casino uses for the RNG software. Playing with a licensed casino also guarantees that RNG software is regularly audited to ensure fairness.

#6. Overlooking Bonuses’ Terms And Conditions

We get it, no one likes reading the fine print, especially when you simply can’t wait to benefit from that unmissable bonus. It’s tedious and the jargon might be too complicated to understand. That’s why we’re breaking down what you should check out.

So what should I look out for in the T&C’s?

Game Eligibility

Some games don’t contribute towards playthrough so if you want to withdraw funds fast, make sure you choose games which contribute towards clearing your bonus.

Time restrictions

Work out beforehand whether you can fulfill the stipulated timeframe in which you’d need to wager your money and claim your bonuses.

Maximum Bet Limits

onus money isn’t there to be bet entirely on a single game. Make sure you know the maximum allowed bet because you can be barred from claiming your bonus if you exceed it, even by a few cents.

Wagering Requirements

These will be discussed in the next section.

#7. Ignoring The Wagering Requirements

Also known as a playthrough or rollover requirement, the wagering requirement specifies how many times you have to wager the bonus amount before you can withdraw any associated winnings        

From where can I learn the wagering requirements and why should I bother doing so?

These are found in the Terms and Conditions and if you don’t learn how many times you must wager your bonus before you can withdraw funds, you might attempt an ineligible withdrawal. This would most likely bar you from claiming the bonus, apart from ending up on the casino’s bad books.

Published on: 2023/01/19