Online and Offline Etiquette at Online Casinos

Thought that there weren’t any etiquette rules when it came to playing online casinos simply because it’s just you and a screen? You’d be wrong there. There are still some good rules of thumb to follow both in the game as well as while you’re playing and making sure that you’re aware of your surroundings.

We will walk you through both the online etiquette when choosing free spins no deposit casinos or no deposit casinos as well as the things you should do offline to make sure that you are doing the right thing towards others at all times.

Online etiquette

Be courteous to your tablemates

When playing in some online casinos, you’re able to interact with the other players at your table, whether you’re playing a round of blackjack or participating in a poker tournament. You can chat to each other, tip other players, send emojis, and even add friends – depending on the casino that you’re playing at, of course.

While you are under no obligation to interact with the other players, if you do, then make sure that you are keeping it civil and friendly. You’re all here to have a good time and no one likes a cold or nasty tablemate. Even if you have a bad loss to another player, keep your cool or just yell at your screen instead of lashing out at them online. You may even be reported if your behavior irritates other players.

Tipping etiquette

If you are used to playing the tables in real life, then you will have seen other players tip the croupier. Tipping the croupier when you have a win is good etiquette, especially on a big win. You’ll notice people throwing a few chips from their win at the dealer.

The same practice applies to when you are playing at live dealer games at online casinos. This may be in games like craps, roulette, poker, or blackjack. You have to remember that these are real people behind the screen, trying to make a living, and a lot of the time they rely on tips to help support their salary.

Playing for the dealer

Another way that you can ‘tip’ the dealer is by playing for them. In some table games, such as blackjack, you are able to place a bet for the dealer instead of tipping them outright. This is a little bit more exciting that tipping them outright since it involves you placing a secondary bet!

Investigate the game that you are playing to see whether playing for the dealer is an option in your game and then get to seeing if you can land them a win or two.

Offline etiquette

Make sure that you are not irritating those around you

While you are playing online casino games, particularly when you are on your phone, you need to be aware of the people around you. If you are at home with your partner or family, then you need to make sure that you don’t have other home tasks or interactions that you should be doing instead. Don’t be that absentee presence in the house. This is the type of behavior that really makes relationships fall apart. Make sure that when you’re playing that it’s during free time to yourself.

If you are out in public playing at the casino, keep the sound down on your phone, or use headphones if you’d like to listen to the sweet sounds of your game. Those ‘chinging’ noises that are giving you a spark are giving the person opposite you on the train a different type of spark – you’re being rude.

Stick to your limits

When you’re playing at the casino – whether it’s online or offline – it is important that you don’t wind up a problem gambler. Having a compulsion to play and going over your limits is a danger to those susceptible. And just like other addictions, it’s impossible to know who will get addicted and who will not. Be aware of your behaviors and most importantly, set limits.

You can easily set daily, weekly, and monthly limits for online casinos, as well as self-exclude from them if you think you are starting to develop a habit. Stay safe and be a responsible gambler.

Don’t be always on your phone

Do you get sick of people that are always on their phone, whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok? Just as annoying as those who continuously scroll through social media, so too are people who are always playing games.

Playing online casinos 24/7, even if you’re winning and having a great time, is still annoying to those who are around you, at home, work, or out with friends. If you try and get your friends to play along with you and they say no, then it’s time to put down your phone and stop trying to push it.

Published on: 2020/05/12