Blowing Up Myths About Women Gamblers

In the last three decades, online casinos have democratized the world of gambling. Unlike previous decades where one had to go to a physical casino, online casinos are accessible anywhere and anytime, giving advantages such as sign up bonuses offering free spins and no deposit codes. This has been a good thing for women who now have access to gambling on par with their male counterparts. There’s much been said about it and here’s where we bust some of common myths and assumptions about women and gambling.

Women gamble less compared to men

The notion that women gamble less compared to men is untrue. The premise is based on the following reasons.

  1. First, people associated traditional casinos with men. When it came to women, gambling was therefore reserved for the few privileged in society. The society has, however, undergone several changes, and women have the same opportunities as men in terms of entertainment.
  2. Second, the assumption is also based on the fact that women — in the traditional societal setting — are less adventurous. The reality is, however, different, women and men have the same interests when it comes to adventurous.

The availability of online casinos and online platforms renders this myth as untrue. Access to the internet is uniform for both women and men in modern societies. Women are, therefore, free to try out all forms of entertainment, and gambling is one of them.

Pundits have pointed out that among all gamblers at online casinos women in the age group of 45-64 outnumber all other players. Although men at online casinos outnumber women, the difference is small and, in most cases, unnoticeable.

Women bet less on sports compared to other betting options

Although sports-betting is predominantly a male-dominated niche, women contribute to a huge percentage in sports betting in terms of numbers. The assumption that women bet less on sports compared to other betting options is based on the following two reasons.

  1. First, traditional societies only allowed men to take part in sports, and unfortunately, there wasn’t any place for women.
  2. Second, people assume that women are less interested in sports and therefore less interested in sports betting. However, the two assumptions are incorrect based on the following reasons.

To begin with, modern women are as interested in sports as male counterparts. Although women are more likely to bet in unique betting niches such as bingo, sports betting is an all-genders niche. There has been an increase in female fans in all sports, and the development has opened doors for women betting in sports. It is therefore incorrect to state that women bet less in sports compared to men.

Second, the availability of different online betting options has leveled the ground in the world of casinos. Even though there are niches where women have greater interests, sports betting is one of the betting niches where men and women have an equal share in terms of statistics.

Men are luckier than women

The myth that men are more fortunate than women in the world of gaming is incorrect and misleading, balderdash to stay the least. It is, however, important to note that the creation of this narrative was to discourage women from gambling and enjoying casino experiences. Pundits have also pointed out that the narrative — that women are less lucky — was popular because fewer women visited casinos. But this is so wrong, based on the following factors.

  1. First, winning a gamble depends on one’s strategy and more importantly, chances. Both women and men have equal opportunities for winning as far as strategy and prospects are concerned. In addition, women have a different approach to winning casino games. For example, they have a different view of strategy, which makes them more favored to winning casino games. Unlike men, women in the casino world are patient and observant.
  2. Second, women and men have access to the internet, and the availability of additional information on creating winning strategies is available to all. Therefore, both men and women have access to information. Regardless of one’s gender, it is possible to win a gamble.

Only older women gamble

The myth that only old ladies gamble is incorrect. People associate age with financial stability and fewer responsibilities. Although the highest percentage of women gamblers is believed to be in their 40s, the reality is changing. The legal age for gambling is 18 years in most countries, and there is no discrimination in terms of gender when it comes to the gambling age limit. Other factors that make this belief incorrect include the following.

Internet and the availability of online casinos challenge the view that only older women have access to betting and casinos. In the first world countries, young people, both women, and men have access to computers and phones and therefore online casinos. The accessibility — of online casino and alternative gambling platform — is ideal in making gambling a source of entertainment for all. Gambling and casinos are now a source of entertainment for young people in the first world countries.

The primary motivation of women in gambling is risk-taking and competition

The notion that women are motivated by competition and risk-taking in gaming is incorrect. Pundits argue that women are more inclined to social aspects and the entertainment value that comes with playing online casinos. Unlike male players, women are uninterested in competition and risk-taking, and this fact changes the narrative of women and casino as follows.

Although a high percentage of women want to win and add money on their e-wallets, a different motive is vital in avoiding addiction. Viewing casinos and online gambling platforms as entertainment avenues is one of the reasons why the addiction rates in women are lower compared to men addicted to gambling. This reality, however, does not rule out the fact that women can also be addicted to gambling. In some cases, women are prone to multi-platforms gambling addictions, but the cases are lower compared to men gamblers.

Published on: 2019/09/16