Best VPNs for Casinos in 2020

It is not always possible to access all online casinos offering no deposit bonus codes from every location. Some countries have stricter laws than others and certain betting sites are blocked from residents of that geographic location. Technology helps us overcome this hurdle through VPNs.

We have addressed this issue below, firstly explaining how to choose a good VPN for online gambling and which VPNs are the best to use in 2020.

Why use VPNs for Online Casinos

VPNs provide an important service for online casino players:

  • Overcome geographical restrictions on players from certain countries or regions
  • Improve your online privacy, preventing others from finding out your location and identity when gambling online
  • Play your favorite online casinos when you are traveling anywhere in the world

Features to look for in the best VPN for Online casinos

There are many online brands for VPN services these days, given the importance of privacy. But how to figure out if one is right to use at online casinos?

These are the key features which are mandatory if you want your new VPN to work well for online gambling:

Data Encryption – with this feature, all data sent between your PC/mobile and the casino is kept private by turning it into secret code, protecting it from hackers. This is a mandatory feature that you should always look for in a VPN.

Anonymous payment options – For better privacy, look for VPNs that accept payments in more discreet methods like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, or prepaid cards.

No Log Policy – Certain countries have strict laws that prevent VPN companies from deleting your online activity. To overcome this, the best VPNs base their operations in countries that do not have such draconian laws. It helps keep your gambling activities private.

Why pay for a VPN service?

There are many free VPN services available online, but they all offer limited features. These free VPNs are often lacking in the most crucial feature of all – true privacy.

Creating and maintaining VPN service costs a lot of money. Free VPNs make money through tiresome ads, product marketing, and in extreme cases, selling your data to third parties.

If you want the best experience at an online casino with maximum privacy, it is always safer to opt for a reliable and trustworthy paid service.

The Best VPNs for Online Casinos

Based on all the features and points mentioned above, these are some of the best online VPN services your money can buy in 2020 for a safe and secure online casino experience:

NordVPN – Widely considered one of the best VPN brands out there, Nord VPN is extremely fast and secure. It has over 5300 servers across the world helping you access blocked casinos and other content with ease. They use military-grade data encryption and security algorithms. The company is based out of Panama, which has no data logging policies.

ExpressVPN – This is one of the bigger VPN services out there. It has excellent encryption features and is generally considered reliable and leak-proof. It has a smaller number of servers than NordVPN (only 160), but the ExpressVPN servers have a more global footprint in 94 countries. Based on the British Virgin Islands, the company a strict no data logging policy.

SurfShark – SurfShark is a relative newcomer to the world of online VPN services. Located in the British Virgin Islands it has around 800 servers located in 49 countries around the world. Though not as fast as industry leaders like Nord VPN, the company offers decent surfing speeds. They accept payments in cryptocurrencies and have industry-standard encryption features.

CyberGhost – Based out of Romania and Germany, CyberGhost is a quite popular option in the EU. They have a whopping 5900 servers in over 90 countries around the world. They have all the standard data encryption features, along with a few useful extras like anti-malware protection, ad blockers, and data compression. CyberGhost is also quite committed to no data logging.

IPVanish – IPVanish is a very fast and agile VPN service with a presence in 75+ countries, with a network of over 1300 servers. Along with the standard 256-bit AES data encryption, the company offers excellent speeds and is a solid option for gaming. Though it is based in the US which does not support data privacy, the company claims that it has a strict no data logging policy.

Private Internet Access – This is a capable if rather unremarkable VPN service based in the US. It has everything you need from a VPN for casino gaming – no-logging policy, over 3000 servers in 50+ countries, 256-bit AES encryption, and decent speeds. It just has a minimalist user interface and lacks some of the extras provided by others like Nord VPN.

TunnelBear – TunnelBear is a user-friendly VPN service that lacks in some features, while still delivering an excellent service. Owned by McAfee and based in Canada, it lacks the global footprint of others, with only 22 countries covered. But it is very easy to set up and has excellent privacy features, with a strict no-logging policy. While okay for casino gaming, it does not unblock popular sites like Netflix.

VyprVPN – Located in Switzerland, VyprVPN excels in online privacy and security while failing in some areas like connection speeds. It does have a decent network of over 700 servers in 70 countries though, all of them owned directly by the company. It has a no-logging policy, independent auditing, and zero-knowledge DNS for extra privacy.

Choose from the Best

There are literally hundreds of VPN services out there, but these are definitely the cream of the crop for online casino gaming. We have deliberately avoided popular options like Hotspot Shield because it does not provide essential features like no data logging.

While you can always look around for cheaper options, do look at the important factors like number of server locations, level of encryption provided, and other features before making a decision. It will make your casino experience that much more safe, secure and enjoyable.

Published on: 2020/01/23